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article 03 Jun 2022

2nd Limassol Business And Investment Summit

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article 18 May 2022

TechIsland Establishes a Valuable Collaboration with Amazon Web Services to the Benefit of its Members


article 27 Apr 2022 , CYPRUS

Inviting all TechIsland Members to Support the KidIT Initiative!


article 19 Apr 2022 , Limassol, CYPRUS

EUROPE IN CRISIS: Dynamics & Implications for the Cyprus Economy

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article 15 Mar 2022

TechIsland Pushes for Temporary Facilitation Measures for the Relocation and Employment of TechIsland Members’ Employees to Cyprus


article 14 Mar 2022 , Limassol, Cyprus

Techisland Telegram Chat for the Relocation of IT Professionals to Cyprus


article 16 Feb 2022

TechIsland meeting with Business Facilitation Unit and Civil Registry and Migration Department


article 16 Feb 2022

TechIsland initiative on the creation of The Guide for Relocation

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article 16 Feb 2022

TechIsland formed a Working Group with Banks


article 15 Feb 2022

Nexters acquires three gaming companies for a combined $100m


article 14 Feb 2022

Signing of Strategic Partnership Memorandum between CCCI & TechIsland