articleposted 10 January 2022

The First Techisland Summit during the Reflect Festival is a Fact!


More than 200 participants and 30 speakers have given their most welcomed greeting. The first summit of Techisland non profit organization, has been recognized as one of great success, with more than 200 attendees in one day and 30 highly distinguished speakers. Exceeding all expectations, the Summit has received the warmest welcoming ever by entrepreneurs, business men, governmental officials as well as Cyprus Think Tank. 

The Techisland Summit took place on the 14th October in Limassol Marina, during the Reflect Festival. Prominent speakers from different countries and thought business leaders of the region had the chance to focus on and discuss topics such as digital transformation, financial diplomacy, attraction of direct foreign investments, ecosystem development, as well as to exchange insights and suggestions for the further development of the region and Cyprus particularly. 

Techisland was honoured to host among the speakers, the Cypriot Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation & Digital Policy, Mr. Kokkinos, the Greek Deputy Minister of Research & Technology, Mr. Dimas, the Ambassador of Israel in Cyprus Mr. Oren Anolik, the Ambassador of Slovakia in Cyprus, Mr. Jan Skoda, the Chief Scientist of Cyprus Mr. Mastroyiannopoulos, as well as other honourable guests and entrepreneurs from the education, innovation, finance and technology sectors. 

Following the summit, a networking event gave the opportunity to the participants to expand their network by meeting the most distinguished people in the tech community of Cyprus, as well as South Europe and Middle East. 

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