articleposted 16 February 2022

TechIsland meeting with Business Facilitation Unit and Civil Registry and Migration Department

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A meeting took place in January, between the HR Working Group, and 2 Governmental departments: The BFU - Business Facilitation Unit and the CRMD - Civil Registry and Migration Department. From the Working Group were representatives of HR Departments of TechIsland Member Companies. 

From this meetings, some important facts were answered by the Governmental departments, such as the following:

-The quota regarding the 70%-30% (for employment of professionals from 3rd countries) & 30%-70% (for employment of supporting staff from 3rd countries), will be active after 5 years. At this moment, the Government will not monitor the percentages of the 3rd country nationals that work at the companies and will start the strict monitoring after 5 years.

-The migration department is issuing the permits within 2-5 weeks - upon appointment.

-Within the next few months (probably April), companies and professionals will be able to apply online for their permits

-The professionals for their applications for work permit, they can use corporate apartments.

-Family reunification - The contract of the spouse doesn’t need to be stamped, and can go directly to the CRMD for issuing of work permit. 

-After an employee loses his/her job, there are given up to 3 months to settle or leave (this is pending for approval)

-The work permits are issued for 2 years, and then the renewal is for 1 year.

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