articleposted 20 July 2022

WeBoat 3.0 Meetup: Metaverse - another buzzword or the next big thing?


On July 14, the global technology company Social Discovery Ventures, in partnership with Linq Conference, supported by iTech Capital, MIXR and Techisland, brought IT startup founders and investors together to discuss current issues of Web 3.0 and the future of metaverses.

"Virtual reality is an opportunity for self-expression", was how Dmitri Volkov, founder of Social Discovery Ventures, began his talk about the creation of Social Life 3.0 and the products of SDV Lab Venture Studio. 

"The main problem our products solve is the problem of loneliness. For example, XOXO is a dating app where your virtual buddy helps you meet new people," said Dmitry Volkov. "But you don't have to communicate with another person to get attention. The iFriend app allows you to create your ideal friend or partner with the help of artificial intelligence. It will learn and explore the world with you." 

The presentation of SDV Lab projects on virtual worlds continued with a discussion between Dmitry Volkov, Sergei Orlovsky, founder of Nival and Helio Games, Pavel Muntian, producer of animated movies, and Andrei Ivashentsev, an expert in the field of immersive technologies. The topics ranged from the invention of the blockchain and the exostate to practical cases of integrating IT products into virtual worlds and ways to earn money in metaverses. The participants didn't reach common ground on the future of the metaverse, but they agreed on the fact that in 10 years, we will all be immersed in virtual worlds. 

"I look at what neural networks are creating now, and I think that in 10 years, the graphics in the metaverses will change so much that it will evoke completely different emotions in us. We just won't want to go back to reality," believes Pavel Muntian. 

And according to Dmitry Volkov, in 50 years, the first man will be born in the metaverse. 

The meetup culminated in the presentation of "Prophetic Dreams of iFriend," a collaboration between SDV Lab and the media artist Natalia Alftutova. Natalia talked about the dreams AI can have and how it can predict a person's future. 

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